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Why Meditate


Crafted to improve your life


Combating stress is one of the great 21st century challenges. The thing about stress is, if we really sat down and thought about, it’s generally out of our control. Consider it: facing new situations or dealing with emotional challenges such as losing a job, the end of a relationship, or financial concerns. Most of us fail to recognize that we often create stress for ourselves, both with our thoughts and by what we put into our bodies, inadvertently causing unnecessary tension at a deeper, more cellular level. What we do with meditation is teach easy to learn techniques, chat a little about ancient wisdom and tie that in to our modern day dilemmas.


Understanding meditation


In short, Meditation is a mental and physical process that a person uses to separate themselves from their thoughts and feelings in order to become fully aware. The practice helps one see more clearly the patterns of the mind and teaches us to stay in the present moment.




On the out-set you may feel:


 More relaxed

 Less stressed

 Personal inner space

 More internal harmony at a deep level

Over time, with commitment and effort you may feel:

 A freeing of negative emotions

 Increased awareness

 More brain energy, leading to a reservoir of knowledge

 More receptive to new ideas

 A tingling sensation, leading to a more blissful state

 Eternal peace and contentment

 A growth of nobler goals to achieve in life

 You may even acquire a new vision for your life

 An awakening of joy, hence a development of your natural capacity for well-being and happiness

When is meditation right for you?


Do you have a desire to:


Deal with a medical problem such as insomnia or hypertension

Do you seek a ‘spiritual’ practice that will draw you away from the hurl-burly of daily life to connect you to a source that is independent of conditions ?

 Are you looking for a way of freeing up your imagination and becoming more creative?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then meditation is right for you.

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