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SunitaPassiMeditation was originally founded in 2012 as an outlet for Sunita’s own special style of atonement of a holistic way of living with Ayurvedic bodywork and Meditation, to integrate the whole human nervous system, to unravel blocked energy and transform individuals into more able, happy and healthier humans. Her concept now extends to her desire to integrate her own study and research into the subtle effects of sound and vibration on ourselves and the environment, and the positive impact continued use of the traditional wisdom systems have to release suppressed emotions we experience on the life ride, to then create an abundant - and stress-free - body and mind, faster than you ever thought possible

About Sunita


Widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading Holistic Educators, Sunita specialises in stress-management, self-development, and soulful business development. Her passion for the traditional Indian health system, Ayurveda, started at a young age as she witnessed her Grandfather treat his clients from his clinic in Northern India, and her passion for Meditation developed when she experienced it’s positive effects whilst working as a Business Journalist in the sub-continent in her late twenties


Sunita’s innovative, inspirational and forward thinking approach has attracted skilful therapists and the wellness industry to invest in training and related product and services in Ayurveda. Since the age of 32, Sunita has devoted her professional life to wellness, enriching people’s lives within the UK and beyond. Her passion and aptitude for raising awareness of the holistic health system and connecting conscience in treatment and natural products has underpinned her development of training procedures and formulations to support therapists, wellness centres and health retreats.


Sunita’s career also includes health, natural beauty, self-development and business journalism, radio presenting, and the extensive development of natural skincare and body care products, based on the principles of Ayurveda.


Sunita’s passion for health extends beyond her writing, training and products through her wellness programmes offered under the heading ‘Sunita Passi Meditation.’ Her approach is driven from three different fields and presents a combination of Ayurvedic bodywork, Meditation and Investigative Communication.

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Sunita understands requirements differ from client to client. In the peace and tranquillity of a venue chosen according to your requirements, you will spend a number of days learning about meditation as an invaluable wellbeing tool and be given step by step guidance as to how to do it. This coupled with access to a full range of wellness activities ensures a high quality holistic personal service.



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